You have different options to install FlexCss. Die easiest way is trough npm


npm install --save-dev flexcss

I recommend to use a build-pipeline with webpack and import only the modules you need. FlexCss uses ES6 Syntax, so you need a transpiler (like babel) before you can import them.

For your convenience I prepared a sample project where everything is setup with gulp.


Just give me the files dude

If you just want to try out this framework or have never heard about webpack, browserify or modules in general (what is fine but check it out, you will never go back), I prepared a set of ready-to-use files that you find under build in the source directory.

Download FlexCss v0.7.0


Browser Support
IE 6, 7, 8, 9
IE 10 & 11
Chrome (latest)
Firefox (latest)
Safari (latest)
Mobile (Android Chrome and iOS Safari)